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Goniurosaurus in Japan

 Valuable Goniurosaurus species are distributed in the islands stretching southwest of Japan. They are differentiated in each island and six species have been classified. All of them are protected and it is forbidden to capture or even touch them.  Currently, all WC traded overseas are smuggled individuals. Some species are extremely endangered. I understand that they are all beautiful species and I think that they are the most attractive of all the Goniurosaurus species too. For this reason, I have spent a lot of money to go to the islands of Okinawa many times to take pictures of them, as I cannot keep them but want to observe them.
Kuroiwa's Ground Gecko, Ryukyu Cave Gecko
 Goniurosaurus kuroiwae kuroiwae (Namiye, 1912)
 Distribution : Okinawajima, Sesokojima, Kourijima, Yagajishima, Iejima
This is the most easily observed Goniurosaurus in Japan, as it is distributed on the main island of Okinawa. In the main island of Okinawa, genetic differentiation has occurred between the northern and southern parts of the island, and differences in dorsal patterns are evident.
Sengoku's Ground Gecko
 Goniurosaurus kuroiwae sengokui Honda et Ota, 2017
 Distribution : Tokashikijima, Akajima
This has been treated as G. k. orientalis for long years, but was classified as a separate subspecies in 2017. This species gives the impression of being bright orange, but there is a great deal of individual variation in the intensity of the color, so light colors are also common. Difficult to find on Akajima-island.
Yamashina's Ground Gecko
 Goniurosaurus kuroiwae yamashinae (Okada, 1936)
 Distribution : Kumejima
This subspecies is found only on Kumejima-island. Unlike other subspecies, the iris isn't red and the body color is bright gold. The contrast between gold and black is very beautiful. Unlike many Goniurosaurus, Japanese species are truly wonderful in that the more they grow, the better their coloring becomes.
Banded Ground Gecko
 Goniurosaurus splendens (Nakamura et Uéno, 1959)
 Distribution : Tokunoshima
This species is found only on Tokunoshima-island. Dorsal side is black,  with four pink bands including neck.  This beautiful shell pink body color is unique and I think they are not found in any other Goniurosaurus species. It is a relatively small species.
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